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Beginning Beekeeping Resources



So,  you are interested in becoming a Beekeeper.  It is a wonderful hobby which will get you in touch with nature and these wonderful creatures.  It is challenging, but not overwhelmingly so. The benefits are numerous to you and to your immediate environment.  Here is where to start.

First, read the following articles:

As the Ten Steps article mentions, the best move you can make is to join a local Beekeepers Association.  By doing so you will find some very helpful folks who are eager to share knowledge and help you get started. 

Consider joining the Howard County Beekeeping Association and signing up to take one of our classes. We meet monthly and have guest speakers.

You should then consider viewing some educational videos about Bees and some videos about Beginning Beekeeping. They will give you a graphic view of basic beekeeping functions.

Here are a few other resources that are helpful for new beekeepers:

Last, if you become a member of HCBA you will get access to the presentations from our latest Beginning Beekeeping 5 session course which took place in February 2018 LINK

Best of luck, we hope to see you at one of our meetings soon!

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HCBA Officers and Volunteers

HCBA Officers and Volunteers

HCBA Board of Directors Officers   President Dave Dobbs Vice President David Schultz Treasurer Valerie Wampler Secretary  Tina Glorioso Mullan Communication Editor  Gracelena Ignacio Director Roger Frissora Director Philip Krista Past President  Clif Darby                   HCBA Special Responsibilities […]

One Day Course Registration

One Day Course Registration

Registration is open for the One Day Introduction to Beekeeping Seminar!  Are you thinking about keeping bees and want a bit more information?  We’d love to see you at the Howard County Beekeepers One Day Beekeeping Informational seminar at the Robinson Nature Center. This seminar will […]



Registration is open for the 2020 Beginning Beekeeping course!  If you are seriously considering keeping honeybees (or simply want to learn more about beekeeping) this is the course for you! This six-session course will be held on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM starting February 12, […]

Extractor Guidelines and Reservations

Extractor Guidelines and Reservations

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

October 2019 ▪10/8/2019, 7:00 PM: Monthly Meeting ▪10/24/2019, 6:30 PM: Board of Directors Meeting   November 2019 ▪11/2/2019  10:00 AM – 4:30 PM One Day Introduction to Beekeeping Location: The Robinson Nature Center 6692 Cedar Lane, Columbia, MD 21044 Registration  click —-> LINK  ▪11/12/2019, 7:00 […]

Oh the Places HCBA Goes!

HCBA was at the forefront of the grand opening of the HOCO Brew Hive Restaurant & Bar. Howard County Executive Cavin Ball was one of the more than 50 people who stopped by the HCBA booth to learn more about honey bees and pollination. HOCO Brew […]

Phil Krista’s Swarm Capture

Video Courtesy of Kent Phillips    

Spotted Lantern Fly In Maryland

Spotted Lanternfly treatments begin in Cecil, Harford counties   The Maryland Department of Agriculture is working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to treat for spotted lanternfly at multiple sites in the upper northeast corner of Cecil County and along the northern border of […]

Free Save the Bees Seminar

On September 26, the Kittleman Group is partnering with the Howard County Beekeepers Association (HCBA) to educate, discuss and engage the community about the decreasing number of honey bees and how we can help. Presenter and HCBA Treasurer, Valerie Wampler, will walk participants through the […]

Howard County Tree Giveaway

Reserve a free tree to plant in your yard and be a part of planting 44,000 trees in Howard County. You must be a Howard County residents to participate. Reserve your tree with the online form here:

David Schultz Discusses Howard County Bee City USA Participation on WJZ

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball announced a commitment to our environment and pollinator conservation by joining the “Bee City USA” coalition. As one of the first counties in the nation to become a “Bee City,” Howard County will commit to reducing pesticide use and creating […]

EPA allows pesticide ‘very highly toxic’ to bees

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency approved broad new applications Friday for a controversial insecticide, despite objections from environmental groups and beekeepers who say it is among the compounds responsible for eviscerating the nation’s bee populations. Alexandra Dunn, head of the EPA office that oversees […]

Summer Treatments for Varroa Mites: Two and a Half Good Choices

In any season, choosing the best Varroa destructor mite treatment requires some thought. In summer, however, it is complicated because most beekeepers have supers on their hives to collect honey for human consumption, which limits many of the options for food safety reasons. Learn more in the […]

The List for July: Four Front Porch Phenomena

Lots of things about your bees and their mysterious world can be deduced just by paying attention to what’s happening at the front entrance. Four distinctive things to keep an eye out for are nasonov gland fanning, ventilation fanning, bearding, and washboarding. Learn more in the […]

More Bad Buzz For Bees: Record Number Of Honeybee Colonies Died Last Winter

It’s a sweltering morning in Beltsville, Md., and I’m face-to-face with bee doom. Mark Dykes, a “Bee Squad coordinator” at the University of Maryland, shakes a Mason jar filled with buzzing honeybees that are coated with powdered sugar. The sugar loosens the grip of tiny Varroa mites, […]

The Zen Beekeeper Returning Hives to the Wild

In recent years, the mysterious disappearance of bees has puzzled experts from across the world. In the United States alone, the honeybee population has dropped by 50 percent from midcentury levels, and 700 species of bees are now at risk of extinction. Scientists can’t really […]

How a Honey Bee’s Waggle is Inspiring Aerospace Design

By Leslie Mertz, Ph.D. The next time you see a bee land on a flower, watch how busy its abdomen is. It scrunches up, it lengthens, and it curls this way and that with amazing flexibility. A group of engineers at Tsinghua University in Beijing […]

McDonald’s Opens a Miniature Restaurant Just for Bees

In a bid to help protect bees, McDonald’s recently commissioned creative agency NORDDDB to design its smallest restaurant yet called McHive. You won’t find Happy Meals and Egg McMuffins here though—the tiny franchise is actually a fully functioning beehive, complete with everything the endangered insects need to […]

HUGE Swarm Captured by HCBA member

Member Vic Seested sent pictures of huge swarm he encountered lately:    

May General Meeting

We are excited for the next HCBA General Meeting on Tuesday, May 14. The meeting will start at 7 PM in the Howard County Fairgrounds Dining Hall.  This month, HCBA board members David Schultz and Valerie Wampler will speak to the club about honey bee […]

A swarm of bees invaded an MLB game, forcing a 20-minute delay

HCBA Members could do this “Two fans quelled the furor by removing the queen bee by hand from the swarm which covered the microphone above the dugout,” the AP reported. “The queen bee was placed into [a] makeshift cardboard beehive, and quickly was joined by […]

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