Howard County Beekeepers hold two courses on an annual basis:  Beginning Beekeeping for those serious about keeping bees and a Beekeeping Seminar for those who want to learn more about beekeeping.

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Beginning Beekeeper Course Information


 For those who actually start keeping honeybees in the spring, we offer mentors that can help to answer your questions as you start your ‘adventure’ in keeping these amazing creatures. Typically, honeybees need to be ordered in late February for April/May delivery. We provide information on how to purchase your bees and other beekeeping supplies during the session.

A sample of the topics covered in the Beginning Beekeeping course includes: 

  • Getting Started in Beekeeping – What you need 
  • Apiary Site Locations  – Where to place your honeybees
  • Zoning Laws for keeping honey bees in Howard County (Info on other counties will be made available upon request)
  • How to Start Honey Bee Colonies (ways to obtain honey bees)
  • Honey Bee Biology and Behavior
  • Swarming and Its Prevention
  • MD Recommended Management Practices
  • Management of New Colonies
  • Products of the Hive
  • Feeding Bees
  • Registering Your Bees with the State
  • Local Nectar and Pollen Plants
  • Honey Bee Pests, Diseases and Other Problems (2 part session)
  • Review Of Course Material and Questions and Answers
  • Everybody Makes Mistakes! One Beekeeper’s first year experiences
  • And much more – including demonstrations and ‘hands on’ opportunities





Information on the Beekeeping One-Day Seminar

NEXT SESSION November 2019


The course is designed as an overview of beekeeping and topics include:

  • Benefits of Keeping Bees
  • Honey Bee Biology
  • Obtaining & Setting up your equipment
  • Obtaining and installing your bees
  • Inspecting your hives
  • Products of the hive