Beekeeping: A hobby that benefits the environment

SADLER, Texas — A scientific study stretching over 27 years in Germany revealed there has been an 82 percent decline in the “flying pollinator” population, which includes bees.

University of Maryland report found that U.S. beekeepers lost one-third of their bee colonies in 2016-17.

“That’s one of the reasons that we got into the beekeeping business,” said Byron Compton, owner of STG Farms.

He and his wife have been keeping bees for five years now.

“As we learned more about it, we just became in love with it: keeping the bees, watching them grow and work, harvesting the honey,” Compton said.

They encourage others to follow their lead.

“The Texas Beekeepers Association — we’re a member of that — they’ve got a saying they would like to have 30,000 beekeepers with two hives rather than two beekeepers with 30,000 hives,” Compton said.

Having more beekeepers spread across the state helps keep the hives diverse. It also helps to fight against bees dying due to disease in a certain area, a lack of pollen, or farmers using pesticides.


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