~ The more I studied beekeeping, the less I knew, until, finally, I knew nothing. But, even though I knew nothing, I still had plenty to unlearn. Charles Martin Simon

If you like our site you will also like Beekeping365 by Sassafras Farms.  We are often tempted to link their individual excellent posts but instead we will just link you to their website Here is the LINK

This is their description:

We are a small farm in the South Carolina Midlands, USA. We sell extracted honey, chunk honey, comb honey, and bees wax, seasonally, at the South Carolina State Farmer’s Market. Each Spring we also sell honey bee colonies from our farm. Coming in 2018 we will also be selling honey bee queens. Our educational offerings are tied to our local beekeeping association, the Mid-State Beekeepers Association. We generally provide a day in the bee yard each spring as we prepare our colonies for the season. For beekeepers completing their first year we provide check offs for the practical portion of their application to become SC Certified Beekeepers.

The idea behind this blog was to provide a glimpse at what we are doing, learning, and practicing in our apiary throughout the beekeeping year. Often, in beekeeping, our activities are proactive and we’re working on Spring while it’s still Winter. This blog follows our activities and interests much like a seasonal diary. Hopefully the readers here will gain some idea of what’s happening seasonally as well as what we’re preparing for in coming months.

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