Beginning Beekeeping Resources



So,  you are interested in becoming a Beekeeper.  It is a wonderful hobby which will get you in touch with nature and these wonderful creatures.  It is challenging, but not overwhelmingly so. The benefits are numerous to you and to your immediate environment.  Here is where to start.

First, read the following articles:

As the Ten Steps article mentions, the best move you can make is to join a local Beekeepers Association.  By doing so you will find some very helpful folks who are eager to share knowledge and help you get started. 

Consider joining the Howard County Beekeeping Association and signing up to take one of our classes. We meet monthly and have guest speakers.

You should then consider viewing some educational videos about Bees and some videos about Beginning Beekeeping. They will give you a graphic view of basic beekeeping functions.

Here are a few other resources that are helpful for new beekeepers:

Last, if you become a member of HCBA you will get access to the presentations from our latest Beginning Beekeeping 5 session course which took place in February 2018 LINK

Best of luck, we hope to see you at one of our meetings soon!