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One Day Course Registration

One Day Course Registration

Registration is open for the One Day Introduction to Beekeeping Seminar!  Are you thinking about keeping bees and want a bit more information?  We’d love to see you at the Howard County Beekeepers One Day Beekeeping Informational seminar at the Robinson Nature Center. This seminar will […]



Registration is open for the 2020 Beginning Beekeeping course!  If you are seriously considering keeping honeybees (or simply want to learn more about beekeeping) this is the course for you! This six-session course will be held on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM starting February 12, […]

How To Paint Bee Boxes

Wooden bee boxes are a long-term investment. If properly prepared and cared for they should last for many years, if not decades. During the big push to get bee equipment ready for the season, it’s tempting to just deploy unpainted woodenware. That works, but doing […]

Checklist for Beginners

The List for March: Crunch Time for New Beekeepers If you’ve decided to give beekeeping a try, it may seem like you have plenty of time before your bees arrive. There is still time to get everything pulled together, but some of the tasks need […]

Beginning Beekeeping Videos

Attention beginners.  As you receive your packages or nucs here are some great videos on how to install either.

Buy NUCs and Packages Locally

Buy NUCs and Packages Locally

Need BEES?  Maryland Beekeepers Association created a bulletin board to help beekeepers selling NUCs or Packages.  Here is the Click HERE Only Need a QUEEN? Click HERE for our list of Local Beekeepers with QUEENS for Sale This list is provided as a free service, and  MSBA does not screen […]

2019 HCBA Beginning Beekeeping Course Resources

Welcome to the 2019 Beginning Beekeeping course!  We’re excited that you want to learn more about these fascinating creatures, and perhaps even start a colony or two this season.   As the lectures are presented we will add the presentations to this page.   Select from […]


The Honey Bee Health Coalition has published BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES FOR HIVE HEALTH A GUIDE FOR BEEKEEPERS A fairly comprehensive guide to beekeeping You can get a pdf version of it here LINK


Beekeeping365   ~ The more I studied beekeeping, the less I knew, until, finally, I knew nothing. But, even though I knew nothing, I still had plenty to unlearn. Charles Martin Simon If you like our site you will also like Beekeping365 by Sassafras Farms.  […]

Diagnosis of Honey Bee Diseases

by Hachiro Shimanuki and David A. Knox Apiary inspectors and beekeepers must be able to recognize bee diseases and parasites and to differentiate the serious diseases from the less important ones. This handbook describes laboratory techniques (particularly those of the USDA-ARS Bee Research Laboratory) used […]

2019 Beginning Beekeeping Course

Thank you for your interest in the HCBA Beginning Beekeeping Course.  Unfortunately, registration for this year’s course is closed.  If you would like to receive information on upcoming courses offered by the Howard County Beekeepers Association, use this link to be put on our notification […]

Learn from these 5 ways bees work together

  We could probably all take a lesson on working in harmony with others — and you’d be hard-pressed to find a species that does that better than bees. I always knew about this idea superficially, but recently I saw it in action while I […]


  Click to listen Humans have used honey for thousands of years. We eat it, we flavor drinks with it and ancient Egyptians used it to preserve food. Wizzie Brown, an insect specialist with the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Officesays the process of making honey requires […]

How to Apply Mite Away Quick Strips

It is that time of the year.  If you have not checked your hives for mites here is a video on how to do it. Varroa Mites Inspection   If you find you need to treat, formic acid strips is an easy application.

Dr. Buggs (Samuel Ramsey) New video

What is killing the bees? The threat you never hear about.

Varroa Mite Inspection

Jorik, from Hudson Valley Bee Supply, demonstrates how to use a sugar shake to determine the mite level in a honeybee hive. He also explains what the results mean

WebMD slide show on honey

A simple yet informative slide show on Honey   LINK

FAQs About Beekeeping

Getting started in small-scale beekeeping Do I need to register my hives if I have only one or two? Maryland law requires anyone who owns or is in possession of honey bees to register the colonies within 30 day, then annually thereafter. Registration is done […]

Components of a hive

Components of a hive

  From the bottom up: Hive stand- Holds the hive above the ground to avoid moisture from rain, improve ventilation and minimize intruders such as other insects. Bottom board- Contains the bottom of the hive.  It has an insert to control ventilation, a screen Entrance […]

What is Beekeeping

What is Beekeeping? First the Bees, bees are insects that live in colonies that have one queen bee. She is solely responsible for the growth of the colony as she is the only one who can procreate. Bees do sting as a method of protecting […]

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