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HUGE Swarm Captured by HCBA member

Member Vic Seested sent pictures of huge swarm he encountered lately:    

A swarm of bees invaded an MLB game, forcing a 20-minute delay

HCBA Members could do this “Two fans quelled the furor by removing the queen bee by hand from the swarm which covered the microphone above the dugout,” the AP reported. “The queen bee was placed into [a] makeshift cardboard beehive, and quickly was joined by […]

The bees living on Notre Dame’s roof survived the fire

Paris (CNN) — The bees that live on the roof of Notre Dame are alive and buzzing, having survived the devastating fire that ripped through the cathedral on Monday, the beekeeper Nicolas Geant confirmed to CNN. LINK

A better way to bottle honey

A better way to bottle honey

by Allen Hayes   Many backyard beekeepers bottle their honey using a plastic bucket with a honey gate valve in the bottom.  These buckets are sold by most of the bee suppliers and considered the standard for smaller operations.  But there are problems with these.  […]

HOCOBA website upgrade

HOCOBA website upgrade

With help from the folks at Pegasaas LINK our website has been optimized for speed.  Every single page of 600 plus on the website has been analyzed and modified to enhance performance on the internet. Search engines are basing their ranking of websites on speed […]

The U.S. imports this bee by the gallon. Why can’t we raise our own?

The U.S. imports this bee by the gallon. Why can’t we raise our own?

Elisabeth Wilson drives to a small field every day to check her nests set out along a research field at North Dakota State University. They’re home to the alfalfa leafcutter bee. This species is nothing like a honey bee. It lives a more solitary lifestyle. […]

Church finds ‘rare’ bee colony without a hive clinging to fence in Virginia

  A man doing yard maintenance at a church in Chesterfield County, Virginia, stumbled on something experts are calling both rare and strange: An entire honey bee colony clinging to a chainlink fence without a hive. Video of the bees was posted on Facebook by Virginia […]

Jennifer Garner ‘Everyone Should Have a Hive’

  SOPHIE T. STERN   October 10, 2018 11:09 AM Jennifer Garner has a hive of bees, and she thinks you should get one too. “We had a book about beekeeping and then my daughter just got really into it,” the actress, 47, said on Tuesday’s Jimmy […]

A bee’s-eye view of Seattle

Tantri Wija Special to The Seattle Times Imagine Seattle from the perspective of a bee. Roads don’t matter. Traffic is just noise. Lakes are vast swaths of desert, meant only to be doggedly crossed in search of what may be growing on the other side. […]


Over the last two years BroodMinder, with the help of our good friends at Brushy Mountain Bee Farm,  has become the number one hive monitoring system in the world. We have produced over 10,000 BroodMinder devices and collected over 80 million data samples from across the country […]

2019 Renewal and New Membership

To Join Howard County Beekeepers Association or Renew your membership   Membership to the Howard County Beekeepers Association  Inc. (HCBA) is just $20.00 per year for an individual and $30.00 per year for a family membership. Joining a honey beekeeping club is a great way […]

Telling the bees

In nineteenth-century New England, it was held to be essential to whisper to beehives of a loved one’s death. Colleen English September 5, 2018   While most common in the nineteenth century, the practice of “telling the bees” about significant life events endures, albeit in […]


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Honeybees are industrious little creatures, schlepping pollen and nectar from flower to hive all day to feed their queen. But in the tropical archipelago of Zanzibar, roughly 30 miles east of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean, that’s not all they do. Bees are helping local beekeepers […]

Protecting the honey pot

Protecting the honey pot

  Published: 15:15 August 1, 2018 By Mick O’ReillySpecial to Weekend Review Though puffs of smoke and behind a full-face mask of mesh, Martin Smith is happily tending to his hives in Skelmersdale, a small town in the Lancashire countryside that was mentioned first in […]

Refrigerating honey bees to fight mites, colony collapse

April 23, 2018 The black bump on this honey bee’s back is a varroa mite. Mites weaken bees’ immune systems, transmit viruses, and siphon off nutrients. Photo by Scott Bauer, USDA Agricultural Research Service. By Scott Weybright, College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences […]

New research reveals how climate change and bee declines could be linked

Nothing signals the start of spring quite like the emergence of the first fuzzy bumblebees. But as Earth’s temperatures continue to warm, spring is coming earlier and earlier in some places—and scientists are worried about how these changes could affect bees. A new study published Friday in […]

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