Checklist for Beginners

The List for March: Crunch Time for New Beekeepers

If you’ve decided to give beekeeping a try, it may seem like you have plenty of time before your bees arrive. There is still time to get everything pulled together, but some of the tasks need to get started right away. One of the keys to successful beekeeping is knowing what needs to be done and getting it done, right on time. Bees have such short lives that delays of just a few days can result in a significant lapse in meeting their needs. When you get your bees, they will require already-prepared boxes, a carefully chosen location and a beekeeper ready and equipped to care for them. Below is a list of what needs to get done – in the order the jobs should be started – so that when your bees arrive, you’ll be all set and ready to enjoy your first days as a beekeeper.


For Checklist Click HERE for link to BetterBee Article

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