Howard County Fair Review

Howard County Fair Review

Dear Beekeepers,

WOW!  WOW is the main thought that runs through my mind when reflecting on this year’s Honey and Beeswax show!  From the beautiful and creative entries to the amazing and generous volunteers, I am so impressed and grateful!  I saw so many wonderful and touching experiences this year including people very excited about making their entries, families joyfully returning to see the ribbons that their entries earned, and the engaging way that our volunteers shared their knowledge with our visitors. We really exceeded our mission to educate the public about honey bees and beekeeping and to have a great honey show!

Thank you to the 64 volunteers who made this happen!  Charlie, Christopher, Emily and Corinne Brandts,  Christopher Brennan, Jim Chaisson, Dean Clark, Jeff Crooks, Daniel Curtin, Clif Darby, Katerina Davitaia, Dave Hobbs, Wayne Esaias, Steven Every,  Jack Fitzgibbon, Jim and Andrew Fraser, Roger Frissora, Gerry El Geziry, Kathy and Steve Hartley, Allen Hayes,  Merlowe Henry, Leslie and Linda Hilliard,  Gracelena Ignacio, Destiny and Benjamin Ingram, Paul Kojzar,  Marcia Larson, Vic Levy, Carol Link, Don Littleton, Kimberly Malinowski,  David Milburn, Lyn Mullings, Brent, Greg and Alice Parks,  Kent Phillips, Dan Reddit, Jackie Reed, Bob Rogers, Joe Sanphillipo, David Schultz,   Phil Serafinas, Sara Shaeffer, Elaine and Dennis Smith, Danielle Spendiff,  Roland Steiner, Sienta Tep, Roy and Lucy Turner, Chris Turett, Doris Walsh, Valerie Wampler,  Joseph Whitford, Tom Wilson, Patti Wong, Rachelle Woods and Frank Yensan. 

Paul Kojzar, our Assistant Superintendent, was amazing all-around with overseeing a huge amount of time at the Bee Booth, populating and bringing the observation hive and doing whatever was needed to help out with good humor!  Many thanks to Clif Darby and Tom Wilson for handling the honey consignment; Tom Wilson, Clif Darby and Patti Wong for being the judge’s assistants; Danielle Spendiff for being my helper during judging; Roger Frissora for continuing his excellent In-Hive Demonstrations; Charlie and his nephew and nieces Christopher, Emily and Corinne Brandts for doing an Extraction Demonstration that brought smiles all around, James and Andrew Fraser for bringing the bees for the In-Hive Demonstration; Wayne Esaias for donating the observation hive and the HCBA for continuing support of the Special Awards for the Open Division and the 4-H Champion Award.Also, a sincere thank you to the dedicated beekeepers who took the time and effort to bring in those amazing entries! Below are the results from judging the exhibits. We had 44 exhibitors who brought in 93 terrific exhibits. Our judges this year were Cybil Preston and Jim Fraser.

Hope to see you all at next year’s Fair from August 3-10, 2019! Start planning your exhibits for 2019! Let’s make sure that we take home all the premiums available! 

Alice Parks
Superintendent, Honey and Beeswax



Class Item Place
  1 2 3 4 5
Honey 1 White-Extra Light Extracted Wayne Esaias Roland Steiner Phil Serafinas Ryan Wheeler*  
  2 Light Amber Extracted Matthew Paper Karen McGrew Devon Kosisky Robert Quinn Chris Turett
  3 Amber Extracted Wayne Esaias Chris Cannon Trevor Miller Tom Wilson Rachelle Woods
  4 Dark Extracted Phil Serafinas Alice Parks Wayne Esaias Caroline English Chris Cannon
  5 Cut Comb Chris Cannon        
  6 Section Honey NO ENTRIES        
  7 Chunk Honey Chris Cannon        
  8 Frame of Honey Rachelle Woods Robert Quinn      
  9 Creamed Honey Chris Cannon        
Wax 10 Block of Wax Wayne Esaias Phil Serafinas      
  11 Molded Tapers, 10″ min. Billie Whited Wayne Esaias Dave Dobbs    
  12 Molded Tapers, < 10″ Billie Whited        
  13 Dipped Tapers, 10″ min. Rowan Titus Wayne Esaias Billie Whited    
  14 Dipped Tapers, < 10″ Rowan Titus Wayne Esaias Arthur Titus Rowan Titus  
  15 Other item(s) Tina Mullan Billie Whited Dave Dobbs Wayne Esaias  
  16 Molded Artistic Candles Billie Whited Rowan Titus Dave Dobbs Brannon Titus Wayne Esaias
Misc. 17 Pollen Tina Mullan Carol Link      
  18 Misc. Hive Products Danielle Spendiff Doris Walsh Tina Mullan Tina Mullan  
  19 Photographs Carol Link Brent Parks Jordan Wexler Colette Crandall Meaghan Schneid
  20 Educational Exhibit Jocelyn Kojzar S. Grosko      
  21 Gift Baskets/Packs Doris Walsh Paul Kojzar Billie Whited Don Littleton Brooke McElfish
  22 Gadget Dave Dobbs Billie Whited Don Littleton    
  23 Children’s Arts and Crafts Callie Lippert        
  24 Adult Arts and Crafts MJ Coles Julia Ellrod Marloe Lippert Liana Grosko Betsy Chaisson
  25 Mead Tammy Sen        
    Champion Honey Phil Serafinas – Dark Extracted Honey  
    Champion Wax Wayne Esaias – Block of Wax  
    Champion Misc. Tina Mullan – Pollen  
    Grand Champion Wayne Esaias – Block of Wax  
    4-H Champion No 4H Entries  
    * First Year Beekeeper          


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