Learn from these 5 ways bees work together


We could probably all take a lesson on working in harmony with others — and you’d be hard-pressed to find a species that does that better than bees. I always knew about this idea superficially, but recently I saw it in action while I was checking out the cool transparent bee hive at the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, during a tour of their urban beekeeping program.

As I was peering in, I couldn’t help but notice a space between two sections of the hive, and over this gap, two bees had intertwined their legs, forming a bridge for their fellow workers to walk cross. (The spot was too narrow for the bees to fly through.) Since I had an expert on hand, I had to ask: What were the bees doing?

According to Julia Common, who’s the cofounder of Hives for Humanity (and the hotel’s beekeeper) the bees were festooning.

“What’s that?” I asked. Common then filled me in on this and a few other ways bees work together. I found the buzzing bees an inspiration as she spoke. 

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