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How to teach a honeybee to do math

Science Feb 6, 2019 5:21 PM EST When most people picture math lessons, they imagine pencils, paper and desks, not sugar-water rewards and tiny mazes. But one group of cognitive scientists aren’t teaching arithmetic or calculus to high school students; they’re training bees to perform […]


The Honey Bee Health Coalition has published BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES FOR HIVE HEALTH A GUIDE FOR BEEKEEPERS A fairly comprehensive guide to beekeeping You can get a pdf version of it here LINK

February General Meeting

February General Meeting

Join us at our February Meeting to learn about woodworking for beekeepers.   We are looking forward to the next HCBA General Meeting on Tuesday, February 12. The meeting will start at 7 PM in the Howard County Fairgrounds Dining Hall.  This month, Charles Kyler […]

2019 HCBA Club Special Bee Package Announcement

2019 HCBA Club Special Bee Package Announcement

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Colony Size Drives Honey Bees’ Overwinter Survival

By Meredith Swett Walker When the temperature drops and the days get shorter, honey bees don’t hibernate—they huddle. Meanwhile, worker bees produced in the fall are plump and have longer lifespans than their spring counterparts. These winterized workers form a “thermoregulatory cluster” around their queen. […]

Just plain stupid’: Manuka honey explosion leaving Hawke’s Bay bees ‘starving’

A veteran Hawke’s Bay beekeeper says many people trying to get on board the manuka honey gold rush are actually causing the local honey bee population to starve. Third generation apiarist John Berry , who has more than 50 years’ experience working with bees, says […]

Prince Charles splashes £55k to attract bees

A third of Britain’s native bee population has disappeared in the past 10 years, leading to drastic measures being taken to repopulate the endangered species. The £27.50 bricks, used to house 90 percent of solitary bees who have lost their nesting habitat, will be included in […]

Varroa Mites Feed Primarily on Honeybee Fat Body Tissues

Dr. Samuel Ramsey who presented his ground breaking work on Varroa Mites to our monthly meeting on February 13, 2018 published his work this week.  The post about his presentation is the most viewed publication on this website.  I has attracted international attention to the […]

Giant honey bees perform hypnotic defensive dance

This is the fascinating moment a hypnotic defensive display is executed by a group of giant honey bees in Asia.    Footage, captured in Vietnam, shows the bees perform an almost hypnotic dance as they thrust their abdomens at 90 degrees into the air in an […]

We discovered more about the honeybee ‘wake-up call’ — and it could help save them

MENAFN – The Conversation) Worldwide honeybee populations are in peril – and it’s a dire situation for humans. Threats from climate change , toxic pesticides , and disease have all contributed to a steep honeybee population decline since 2006. And as a third of the […]

Alberta science students come up with probiotic they hope will help honeybees

By Morgan Taylor Global News Students at the University of Alberta have created a probiotic that could help save the local honeybee population – and in turn, your avocado toast. Many of us know our bees need help, and the team of students say they […]

Genome published of the small hive beetle, a major honey bee parasite

Date:December 20, 2018 Source:US Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service Summary:Beekeepers and researchers will welcome the unveiling of the small hive beetle’s genome by scientists. The small hive beetle (SHB) is a major parasite problem of honey bees for which there are few effective […]

Leave No Trace’s Thomasin McKenzie: ‘The bees have left the deepest mark on me’

The young star of Leave No Trace (one of the Guardian’s top-ranked films of the year) talks about the survival skills she learned for the role – and her passion for the wild You filmed Leave No Trace early in 2017 and it has been […]

Can folk music save the honeybee?

Folk music has long gone hand in hand with political protest. From Pete Seeger’s 1959 rendition of the African American gospel We Shall Overcome, which became an anthem for the civil rights movement, to Dick Gaughan’s Ballad of ‘84, a clarion call for the Scottish miners’ […]

South Carolina beekeeper stunned by West Nile spray, loses thousands of bees

PICKENS COUNTY, S.C. — A Pickens County beekeeper is trying to figure out how to bounce back from a stinging blow. Denise Blecke said a recent string of sprayings to ward of West Nile virus killed thousands of her honeybees. She said her neighbors were […]

Time to register your Hive

Maintaining healthy honey bee colonies is very important to Maryland agriculture. Crops valued in excess of $40 million require or benefit from honey bee pollination in the State. Managed colonies are increasingly important since most wild honey bees have died due to parasitic mites. Apiary […]

Honeybees may hold the secret to stem cell youth

From Medical News Today   By Maria Cohut Fact checked by Isabel Godfrey Royal jelly is a gelatinous substance that honeybees produce to feed their young. This intriguing food also holds the mysterious power of helping some honeybee larvae grow into new queen bees. Some people believe […]

Can these startups save the Honey Bee?

There has rarely been an animal creating as much buzz in Europe as the honey bee: The unsung hero of our global food production has suddenly become the centrepiece of an intense battle between global corporations, activists, beekeepers and EU policymakers. Now startups are entering […]

Researchers Create First Ever Honey Bee Vaccine

The compound protects against the American foulbrood disease, but the same technique could lead to protection against other major pathogens Vaccines are one of humanity’s greatest medical breakthroughs—ridding the world of smallpox, limiting outbreaks of mumps and measles and putting polio on the ropes. Now, reports […]


Beekeeping365   ~ The more I studied beekeeping, the less I knew, until, finally, I knew nothing. But, even though I knew nothing, I still had plenty to unlearn. Charles Martin Simon If you like our site you will also like Beekeping365 by Sassafras Farms.  […]