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Culprit Found For Honeybee Deaths In California Almond Groves

  It’s about time for the annual mass migration of honeybees to California, and new research is helping lower the chances the pollinators and their offspring will die while they’re visiting the West Coast. Each winter, professional beekeepers from around the nation stack hive upon […]

Biologists Identify Honeybee ‘Clean’ Genes

The key to breeding disease-resistant honeybees could lie in a group of genes – known for controlling hygienic behaviour – that enable colonies to limit the spread of harmful mites and bacteria, according to genomics research conducted at York University. Some worker honeybees detect and […]

How bees stay cool on hot summer days

If you’ve ever walked past a bee’s nest on a hot summer day, you’ve probably been too focused avoiding getting stung, rather than stopping to wonder how all those bees stay cool. Don’t worry, Harvard scientists have braved the stingers to ask and answer that […]

Beginners Course First Day

Beginners Course First Day

The best day of the year for Howard County Beekeepers Association, the first day of our yearly Beginners Course.  As usual, it is a sold out course. Beginners of all ages gather to start their journey into the wonderful world of beekeeping.  Most of our […]

A better way to bottle honey

A better way to bottle honey

by Allen Hayes   Many backyard beekeepers bottle their honey using a plastic bucket with a honey gate valve in the bottom.  These buckets are sold by most of the bee suppliers and considered the standard for smaller operations.  But there are problems with these.  […]

Buy NUCs and Packages Locally

Buy NUCs and Packages Locally

Need BEES?  Maryland Beekeepers Association created a bulletin board to help beekeepers selling NUCs or Packages.  Here is the Click HERE Only Need a QUEEN? Click HERE for our list of Local Beekeepers with QUEENS for Sale This list is provided as a free service, and  MSBA does not screen […]

2019 HCBA Beginning Beekeeping Course Resources

Welcome to the 2019 Beginning Beekeeping course!  We’re excited that you want to learn more about these fascinating creatures, and perhaps even start a colony or two this season.   As the lectures are presented we will add the presentations to this page.   Select from […]

Five smart things honeybees can do

These insects’ brains may be tiny, but they’re better with numbers than many human children and they are past masters at communicating life skills. Crunch numbers Last week, Australian scientists announced that honeybees (Apis mellifera) can learn to add and subtract. Fourteen bees were put through […]

How to teach a honeybee to do math

Science Feb 6, 2019 5:21 PM EST When most people picture math lessons, they imagine pencils, paper and desks, not sugar-water rewards and tiny mazes. But one group of cognitive scientists aren’t teaching arithmetic or calculus to high school students; they’re training bees to perform […]


The Honey Bee Health Coalition has published BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES FOR HIVE HEALTH A GUIDE FOR BEEKEEPERS A fairly comprehensive guide to beekeeping You can get a pdf version of it here LINK

February General Meeting

February General Meeting

Join us at our February Meeting to learn about woodworking for beekeepers.   We are looking forward to the next HCBA General Meeting on Tuesday, February 12. The meeting will start at 7 PM in the Howard County Fairgrounds Dining Hall.  This month, Charles Kyler […]

2019 HCBA Club Special Bee Package Announcement

2019 HCBA Club Special Bee Package Announcement

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Colony Size Drives Honey Bees’ Overwinter Survival

By Meredith Swett Walker When the temperature drops and the days get shorter, honey bees don’t hibernate—they huddle. Meanwhile, worker bees produced in the fall are plump and have longer lifespans than their spring counterparts. These winterized workers form a “thermoregulatory cluster” around their queen. […]

Just plain stupid’: Manuka honey explosion leaving Hawke’s Bay bees ‘starving’

A veteran Hawke’s Bay beekeeper says many people trying to get on board the manuka honey gold rush are actually causing the local honey bee population to starve. Third generation apiarist John Berry , who has more than 50 years’ experience working with bees, says […]

Prince Charles splashes £55k to attract bees

A third of Britain’s native bee population has disappeared in the past 10 years, leading to drastic measures being taken to repopulate the endangered species. The £27.50 bricks, used to house 90 percent of solitary bees who have lost their nesting habitat, will be included in […]

Varroa Mites Feed Primarily on Honeybee Fat Body Tissues

Dr. Samuel Ramsey who presented his ground breaking work on Varroa Mites to our monthly meeting on February 13, 2018 published his work this week.  The post about his presentation is the most viewed publication on this website.  I has attracted international attention to the […]

Giant honey bees perform hypnotic defensive dance

This is the fascinating moment a hypnotic defensive display is executed by a group of giant honey bees in Asia.    Footage, captured in Vietnam, shows the bees perform an almost hypnotic dance as they thrust their abdomens at 90 degrees into the air in an […]

We discovered more about the honeybee ‘wake-up call’ — and it could help save them

MENAFN – The Conversation) Worldwide honeybee populations are in peril – and it’s a dire situation for humans. Threats from climate change , toxic pesticides , and disease have all contributed to a steep honeybee population decline since 2006. And as a third of the […]

Alberta science students come up with probiotic they hope will help honeybees

By Morgan Taylor Global News Students at the University of Alberta have created a probiotic that could help save the local honeybee population – and in turn, your avocado toast. Many of us know our bees need help, and the team of students say they […]