Spotted Lantern Fly In Maryland

Spotted Lanternfly treatments begin in Cecil, Harford counties


The Maryland Department of Agriculture is working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to treat for spotted lanternfly at multiple sites in the upper northeast corner of Cecil County and along the northern border of Harford County. The Maryland Department of Agriculture found a small population of spotted lanternfly in these two areas while surveying for the invasive pest this spring and summer.

“Even before the first spotted lanternfly was confirmed in Maryland last October, the department and our partners had been vigorously surveying and educating the public about this pest,” said Maryland Agriculture Secretary Joseph Bartenfelder. “Due to its potentially devastating effects on the agriculture industry, treating for this invasive insect now is critical to controlling its spread in Maryland and protecting our state’s agricultural commodities.”

The USDA will work with a contractor to treat Ailanthus altissima, more commonly known as tree-of-heaven, in a quarter-mile radius of where the department found spotted lanternfly during surveying. Ailanthus altissima is the spotted lanternfly’s preferred tree to feed on and research has shown it is required for spotted lanternfly reproduction.

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