What businesses can learn from bees

Finding your core function: What businesses can learn from bees

MATTHEW ELMAS / Friday, September 7, 2018

Bees are great at making honey, that’s what they do. But there’s more to a successful hive than a great product, just as in the world of business.

As it turns out, there may be a few lessons business owners can learn from the humble honey bee.

That’s according to entrepreneur and consultant Mike Michalowicz, who has penned a blog post about how hive culture helps bees achieve rapid growth.

Being a bee isn’t easy. Hives are fragile and require a delicate balance of temperature control and access to food in order to thrive.

Adverse weather, predators and disease can destroy colonies outright, making working effectively, and efficiently, crucial.

As Michalowicz explained, bees have a simple, yet surprisingly effective, organisational structure to drive success.

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